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Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Presentations

Working with Schools & Educational Settings since 2001

The Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Workshop


"An excellent three stage course with resources, great ideas for using drama to tackle issues and a workshop that will empower young people to deal with bullying situations and other students to adjust their behaviour."

Thetford Academy


"Excellent course. Dynamic and full of practical ideas."

The Norwich School


"All ideas shared will not be hard to implement in schools and will be very effective in changing attitudes of pupils towards others."

Dallow Primary School


"An insightful course which delivers the tools and strategies to make a real difference.."

Kettering Buccleigh Academy


"Robert's workshop was extremely well received with over 90% of the trainee's evaluations saying that the workshop both supported their awareness of wider issues in schools and was extremely useful for intending teachers. The one man performance gave an emotive and compelling start to the workshop and the practical advice and tips were much appreciated."

Nottingham Trent University

A highly effective and interactive Anti-Bullying Workshop for young people to participate in.

Suitable for Primary School Year 4 Upwards, Secondary School Year 7 upwards and FE College 16-19.

The workshop lasts one hour and is designed to empower young people by using drama and roleplay to develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and emotional resilience - in particular with regard to verbal bullying and name calling which can often escalate and which has recently been identified by the National Foundation for Educational Research as having a strong link to poor emotional wellbeing in young people.

Book Robert to train YOUR staff to deliver this workshop in YOUR school or setting and see the difference it will make!

How Would This Work?

I would provide you with a 90 minute INSET session, where I would train YOUR staff to deliver my Anti-Bullying Workshop to YOUR pupils as part of your curriculum time this year.

I would provide the training and materials that would allow you to run the workshop ‘in house’ at no further cost to you.

This means that...

YOUR staff would have a highly effective 1 hour workshop that would prevent bullying incidents by empowering YOUR pupils. This workshop could be taught to ALL of your pupils or students - something that could have a tremendous long term effect in terms of preventing bullying incidents in or outside YOUR school or setting.

If you have the capacity for your staff to deliver this, it would be a great resource to have.

Email rob@roberthiggs.co.uk to receive further information on the difference this Workshop could make for you.