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Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Presentations

Working with Schools & Educational Settings since 2001

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'What Have I Ever Done To You?' Book Reviews

"Bullying seems to be an increasing way we interact with each other in today's increasingly competitive, aspirational and media battered society. In schools and in the work place we are often placed under enormous pressures to be a certain type of high achiever and to dress and act in a certain way. Given these conditions it is hardly surprising the victim/bully culture is thriving. Robert Higgs' Book, What Have I Ever Done To You?, is an invaluable and inspiring book that explains the psychology of both the victim and the bully in easily understood terms. It is full of heartbreakingly personal insight, meticulous research and many invaluable tips and techniques for breaking the victim/bully cycle. There should be a copy of this book in every school library, student study room and personnel department in the country."

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"I have read this book & am amazed at the courage it took to write so honestly. Rob opened his soul to tell us what happened to him. This showed the true effects that bullying can have on us. The book also had a vast amount of information which was very helpful and easy to understand which made it a pleasure to read.

I feel it is a great read for bullies & their victims both past, present & future, but I also feel it is an excellent guide for those who have never experienced being a victim or bully themselves. Personally, I feel it cannot be praised enough - a read for everyone, both in and out of education!"
Gemma Lang - Full Stop 2 Bullying

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"As someone who was bullied for a few years at school I am well aware of how bullying can affect somebody. I wish I could have read this book then, it explains why and how bullying occurs, it also suggests practical ways of dealing with the problem. The other thing it does is illustrate that bullying is an experience that many people go through. This book should be read by everyone victims and bullies alike. Well recommended."
A reader from London, UK

- - - - - - - - -

"A great deal of work has obviously gone into this book - and it shows a frank telling of someone who's life has been made a misery - yet he has managed to push back and appricieate the changes. In this day and age it should be justified reading for all schoolchildren, teachers or parents who wish to learn the mentality of the people who are making you and your family go through hell. this topic has not been covered in recent years and in this day and age of the 'uncontrolled' teen - learn why bullies are who they are - and then ask the question - are teachers left with arms tied? is the system pro-bully? and what does t take to ensure your child is a independant, strong being and not some scumbags punchbag - because their parents can't/won't install disipline. truly informative and thought provoking. - This is his first book - scary."
A reader from Glasgow

- - - - - - - - -

"Higgs lays his soul bare and gives a frank account of his own personal experiences of bullying whilst providing practical solutions for the victim. An articulate piece of self-help literature recommended for children and adults alike."
A reader from Darlington, County Durham


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