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Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Presentations

Working with Schools & Educational Settings since 2001

What Have I Ever Done To You?

'What Have I Ever Done To You?' is Rob's first published work. It is based on the author's experiences of bullying and incorporates nine interviews from the viewpoint off bullies, victims, a headteacher, a social worker, self protection experts and a counsellor. This is a fantastic resource.

Book of the Month - Combat Magazine

"A polished piece of work that perfectly combines practical help with an empathetic understanding of the problem. Every Martial Arts Instructor should read this book."
Combat Magazine

"an invaluable and inspiring book full of heartbreakingly personal insight, meticulous research and tips on breaking the bully/victim cycle."

"Informative and thought provoking"
Amazon.co.uk Review

"An articulate piece of self-help literature recommended for children and adults alike."
Amazon.co.uk Review

"As someone who was bullied at school I wish I could have read this book then."
Amazon.co.uk Review

"Cannot be praised enough. A read for everyone... both in and out of education."
Gemma Lang. Full Stop To Bullying Campaign

"Bullying seems to be an increasing way we interact with each other in
today's increasingly competitive, aspirational and media battered
society. In schools and in the work place we are often placed under
enormous pressures to be a certain type of high achiever and to dress
and act a certain way. Given these conditions it is hardly surprising
the victim/bully culture is thriving. Robert Higgs' Book, "What Have I
Ever Done To You?", is an invaluable and inspiring book that explains the
psychology of both the victim and the bully in easily understood terms.
It is full of heartbreakingly personal insight, meticulous research and
many invaluable tips and techniques for breaking the victim/bully cycle.
There should be a copy of this book in every school library, student
study room and personnel department in the country."
Sunday Surgery, BBC Radio 1

Book Details

What Have I Ever Done To You? (Pegasus Books)
Available from Waterstones Nationwide and all good book shops or DIRECT from Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers (01223) 370 012.
ISBN 1-903490-08-1
PRICE £6.99
Click here to buy from Amazon.co.uk


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Book Overview

Bullies are not strong people, yet victims feel ashamed at being bullied and often feel all alone in the world. None of us have time to waste being victimised by bullies.

Learn to understand what bullying is and how it happens. Learn to understand yourself and the reasons you allow yourself to be bullied. Teach yourself to direct your anger in a way that will help yourself. Train your mind to avoid the problem of 'self bullying' and make yourself strong.

What Have I Ever Done To You? teaches you to build your confidence and shows you how courageous it is to be honest with yourself. Self-honesty is the first step on the way to outgrowing the bullies in confidence and becoming a happy, strong person.

Once a bullied teenager the author has freed himself from his self-imposed prison of anger, depression and fear. Learn from his experiences and also those of ex-bullies, victims, self-protection experts, a counsellor, a social worker and a school headmaster. Bullying is a problem in society that can disappear if its victims make it happen. Take action. face your fears, take back the power you have given to the bullies and start living the great life you deserve.

What Have I Ever Done To You? is available in all good bookshops, and can also be purchased online.

Read a free sample chapter here