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Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Presentations

Working with Schools & Educational Settings since 2001


There are many different types of bullying. Please find below specific guidance on each one and links to further reading from experts Rob has encountered through his Anti-Bullying work:


Advice for Young People

General Advice

Beat Bullying

Physical Bullying

Read an interview with innovative martial arts teacher Jamie Clubb.

Read 'Trepidation', by author and self-protection expert John Skillen.

Read Martial Arts Illustrated interview with Rob.

Read more information about 'self-defence' at:

Girls & Bullying

Visit www.valbesag.co.uk

Homophobic Bullying

Visit www.stonewall.org.uk

Cyber Bullying

www.cybermentors.org.uk (BeatBullying's 'Cybermentor' training).

Advice for Teachers & Professionals

ABA 'Tools for Schools' website www.abatoolsforschools.org.uk
ABA Schools & Colleges Network www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk
Speakers for PSHE www.mclellan.info
Government Policy www.education.gov.uk

Advice for Parents

Support available at:




Media Appearances

Rob has spoken on the subject of bullying to the following national media organisations:

· Johnnie Walker - BBC Radio 2
· Sky News
· BBC Radio 1 - listen to interview
· Kilroy - BBC TV
· BBC 7-Big Toe Radio Show
· Children Now Magazine
· BBC East Midlands Today
· BBC Radio Leicester
· BBC Radio Newcastle
· BBC Radio Northampton
· BBC Radio Oxford
· BBC Radio Sheffield
· BBC Lincolnshire
· BBC York
· BBC Leeds
· BBC Three Counties
· BBC Derby
· BBC Humberside
· BBC Merseyside
· BBC Stoke
· BBC Nottingham
· BBC Cleveland
· BBC Cumbria
· BBC Lancashire
· BBC Norfolk
· BBC Bristol
· BBC Coventry & Warwickshire
· BBC Bradford & West Yorkshire
· BBC Suffolk
· BBC Jersey
· BBC Wiltshire Sound
· Valleys Radio
· The Sunday Post
· Dfes Regional Bullying Conf.
· Bristol GWR FM
· Leeds Aire FM
· Leicestershire LEA
· Hinckley CVS Anti-Bullying Conference
· Various schools across the UK